Mission & Vision


"Each child is a world, the world is in our hands, and we can make a world of difference!"

We envision a more free, safe, productive, and ethical character permeating the fabric of society – In our professional, eco-friendly and nurturing home away from home we hope to raise the quality of education for children and families in our world, and improve the world we are delivering to our children.


Rising Stars Academy is committed to preparing young children for school and life readiness. Our safe, warm, and nurturing learning environment will promote a life-long appreciation of learning through emphasis on the joys of discovery and reflection, and the empowerment of choice. It is our goal to ensure each child gains the skills necessary to construct their own knowledge- and desires to construct a better world. Our eco-friendly and organic minded environment will facilitate optimal growth and child development. We will work together with parents, and the community, as supportive partners in a culturally rich milieu, to encourage each child to realize their unique potential and celebrate their individual power by channeling their energies to make the world a place of peace, goodness and kindness.


Each child is a seed; just as the sun provides warmth, the rain provides water and the soil provides the nutrients to feed and nurture each seed, thereby realizing and cultivating the seed into its potential bloom, we believe we must provide the nourishing and responsive environment to cultivate fulfillment of each childs individual qualities and abilities, and then marvel as they bloom!

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